We specialise in providing solid and multi-use surfaces and groundworks for residential, commercial and industrial clients across the Midlands.

As a registered member of both Constructionline and CHAS, our clients are assured that the work they have undertaken on the home or business premises is carried out to the highest standard by technically competent craftsmen.

We undertake tarmacing for domestic properties – driveways, paths etc, as well as for commercial premises – car parks, tennis courts etc. Our experience and thorough planning ensures that all of our tarmac surfacing projects are completed on-time and to budget.

Its patent was granted in 1902. Tarmac, which is short for tarmacadam, has been in use since 1902. It is made by mixing aggregates with tar that has been modified with resin, Portland cement, and pitch. It is laid and rolled with a vibrating roller to make a smooth and durable surface. Additionally, topcoats can enhance properties such as permeability as well as improve appearance.

Tarmac in its true form is rarely used these days. Bitmac is now more commonplace than tar, since it uses bitumen, a byproduct from petroleum processing, instead of tar. Petroleum distillation makes bitumen abundant, causing tarmac to be largely replaced by bitmac now because bitumen is so readily available.

The Tarmac material is tough, doesn’t require a lot of prep, and can be installed on other surfaces besides lawns. Here are the steps assuming excavation is required to show you what to expect during the process.


Concrete driveways are often the most cost-effective upgrade. Concrete typically lasts longer than other materials like tarmac, and is also easier to maintain as well. You can choose between Concrete Block Paving (CBP) and Pattern Imprinted Concrete (PIC) for your new driveway if you decide concrete is the best material. 

It would be a good idea if you had the space to build a concrete driveway for your property, and you should take this into consideration this summer. It is a good idea to build a driveway for several reasons, including the added security they provide for your vehicle.

It’s often cheaper to insure a car that’s parked at night, and it’s so much easier to load and unload the car off the road than while it’s on the road. It is possible to add substantial value to your property by having off-road parking in some situations.

A concrete driveway is a good option if you need a hard-wearing surface that is relatively easy to install. There is a slight downside, however, since concrete is not the most attractive finish, and the process takes about 10 days.